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Speaker & Trainer 
Sharpen your knowledge and skills.
Be the Best Entrepreneur you can be.


Project Briefing

Before we officially launch a new project, we will prepare a project briefing section for all of the Entrepreneurs beforehand to look through the plans of the projects that they will work on, emphasizing the expectations given by the clients that need to be met.


Essentially, the goal is to make sure that Entreprenuers understand clearly about the project and bring the best services for client.


Achievement Club

Entrepreneurs are well-trained to identify the properties with high investment potential and value returns which will be marketed through our property campaigns.

I train Entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and to ensure their efforts leads to satisfying results through real estate related courses. These courses range from prospecting, skillful negotiation and closing, fundamentals of realtors, project marketing and recruitment. Training courses on the latest market conditions as well as new project listings, to name a few are also provided for you and your associate to attend.

From Excellent Achievement Club (EAC), Entrepreneurs are well-versed and fully-equipped with the knowledge of market trends and changes through training programmes as well as marketing courses that acts as a platform of learning and development in Appiliate. 


with Appiliate

Success with Appiliate (SWAP) programmes is organized once a month. After the entrepreneurs have registered themselves, we will provide them with a series of training programmes in order to assure that their work going forward will be a success. From this training, we will teach new entrepreneurs through a series of lectures such as the selling cycle, when they should sell properties to the clients, preparations as a real estate entrepreneurs, the basics of project research which includes study, sourcing, ways of approaching a customer, marketing strategies, how to run ads and so on.


We always provide what we have to entrepreneurs as we believe sharing information helps to create bonds and promote success through unity. 

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