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Three Young People's Affordable Housing and Home Purchase Preference Schemes

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Nowadays young people, especially those with ordinary backgrounds, buy a house before getting married. It is the idea of ​​most young people. Buying a house has become an obsession in many young people’s hearts. It seems that they don’t have a house of their own. Uneasy! In other words, there are indeed many shoppers who want to buy a house. It is a pity that the high housing prices scare young people away! Why are there more and more young people who cannot afford a house? Most of the first-time buyers' ideas are that they don't want to rely on their parents' financial support; their career is unstable; the house price is too high to pay the mortgage, the down payment, etc., right?

Fine! In order to reduce the burden of people buying houses, the government and the private sector have jointly launched many low-cost housing programs to help countless first-buyers B40 and M40 groups! Are there any government assistance programs on the market that can help your dream come true? Let's take a look!

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